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Critical Questions

Important questions when establishing an agency relationship.

Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts. The fact is, when this happens, you should be extremely skeptical of the quality of service level! Collection agencies that provide the highest and most effective services are committed to continuously improving and developing their operations through investment in quality people and tools.

CBC takes great pride in maximizing its recovery rate for its clients and uses all the resources available in the industry - from state of the art technology and systems to advanced skip-tracing and patient billing procedures, as well as its commitment to hiring and retaining only the finest collection associates. This business philosophy has allowed CBC to consistently out-perform the competition in competitive placement situations.

This commitment to performance means added revenue and increased profitability to your bottom line.

For example, take the following scenario from an actual CBC client:

As you can see, even though Agencies X and Y have quoted an attractive commission rate of only 20%, their inferior recovery rate could mean a difference of nearly $250,000 annually in collected revenues with one agency receiving 100% of placements - having a significant impact on the bottom line! Even in 50/50 split placing with Agency X or Y, the difference could be more than $125,000. Excuse me, but that is a lot of additional revenue.

Agency Monthly Placements Recovery Rate Gross Collections Gross X 12 Commission Rate Agency Fees Net to Hospital
CBC $1,000,000 13.87 $138,700 $1,664,400 22% $366,168 $1,298,232
Agency X $1,000,000 12.1 $121,000 $1,452,400 20% $290,400 $1,161,600
Agency Y $1,000,000 11.1 $111,000 $1,332,000 20% $266,400 $1,065,600