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Critical Questions

Important questions when establishing an agency relationship.
Many agencies appear to do you a service by quoting a low commission rate for their collection efforts. The fact is, when this happens, you should be extremely skeptical... Read More >>

Is your collection agency constantly innovating its systems to increase its effectiveness, so they can spend more time making you money?
At CBC, we spent over $100,000 last year alone on technology and systems to enhance our capacity to serve our clients'- and your customers'- individual needs... Read More >>

Is your agency complicating your life with poor communication, complicated IS interface and non-customized reports?
Communication is the key to all successful partnerships in personal or business relationships. At CBC we truly believe that we have a partnership with our clients... Read More >>

Did you contract with your collection agency, only to find out it would take six weeks to develop the capacity to handle your accounts?
CBC's expanded facilities offer the capacity to handle your accounts immediately with little interruption in your collection cycle... Read More >>